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10 Signs when projects are doomed to failure

Are you working on a project, that runs badly? Have you ever asked yourself if your project is doomed to failure? In this blog, I will list 10 signs, that may help you to find out.

Let me quickly tell you, who I am: I am working as an IT freelancer / consultant in the area of Java(TM) Enterprise Applications since 2000 and I must admit, that besides some successful projects, I also had to experience a few project failures. From that experience, I proclaim that it would have been possible for the decision makers to save a lot of money by stopping / restarting the projects earlier – they just should have been more aware of the signs themselves or they should not have been ignoring them for a too long time. Anyway, I would like to share my personal experiences in this area and of course I am interested in feedback about similar situations, that you have been going through…

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